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tv   KRON 4 News at 4  KRON  September 2, 2010 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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live from the bay area's news station this is kron 4 news at 4:00 p.m. >> tonight, new revelations about how jealous he could have started a killing spree that left a trail of bodies from vallejo to richmond. >> i just cannot believe it that somebody could do something like this. >> new pictures of the suspect and his role friend and what investigators found with the bodies of two victim's. >> a container that was labeled depleted uranium. >> there are new developments on the multiple murders that rocked three bay he is a suspected of
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four murders, this was the body of ricardo sales and his son, frederick sales senate, this woman was strangled, and then he was finally found, shot, killed. yesterday morning, these two bodies were found and vallejo and heather donald shows how these people are connected. >> this man had been taking this woman were to destriers, and she was the owner of this home. she believed that he could have suspected a relationship between cindy? and the body was found beaten in the house. now, these two women, we talk and they were found at read is home tuesday afternoon. cindy ofriens with both accurate and both for
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killed by this man because there were telling the senate to leave him. he also lived with ellen mark hall, and charlton during the system and charlie's written house is now been arrested of possession explosives and is being questioned on the death of the women. police found him living on the property were his wife and his wife's friend were found. >> with a team coverage and christine connolly is light and hercules. we will begin with dan kerman and vallejo were the bodies of two women were discovered. >> that is right, pam. one was find out some of the house and right now vallejo police, we just had a police conference one hour ago. they're still trying to put the pieces together. they have two different investigations going on. and who killed those two women? and
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also, water rather chemicals found in this house to make explosives. what were their chemicals were short >> autopsies are under way, free to allen in carole smart. if they're badly decomposed body, we tarita allen her >> we're still trying to figure out if would churls written hearse's what his >> charles rittenhouse is in jail for the possession of explosive chemicals. >> the bodies were found with these explosive chemicals.
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>> the atf who located a container which was labeled depleted uranium. they are not sure, i spoke with them the sporting they're not sure what this is until it is analyzed. i spoke with them--this morning. >> we are under the impression that he works with the aerospace co. of fairfield and his employer has indicated that he did not get these chemicals from them. that, among everything else remains a mystery. dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> and now to the other part of this story, the tenants. 73 ricardo sales and this sum is still missing. christine connolly is live and hercules with the latest details. christine? >> if that is right. the search
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continues for frederick sales is seen in this home one week ago by somebody else the was living in this house. yesterday, search and rescue looked for the body, and no clues to re industrial park. >> what the police continue, they're learning more about what happened in the home in hercules. frederick, and his father, ricardo rented from efren va ifldenm oro girlfriend, and the fight between the bell tomorro faulkbd accusatio tha his if he was making neighbors did not like the >> the victim and is the son of spoke to him about that and
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there were the aggressors and that proteca particular situati >> and afterwards, his body was found in a home and they're still actively searching for sales and a business park in the coastline provided no clues. >> considering the nature of this case there is growing concern for his safety. he was not involved trin an altercatio, and now, there been associated with four different deaths. there is concern for his safety. >> hercules police say that there is no specific location more search and rescue work out today. that is because they have no leads to follow up on and what they're doing is following up with friends, family and continuing his investigation. trying to develop more leads. reporting live, christine connolly. >> we have the saugfar go, thiss
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taken at a wedding of sandy's friend in january of 2010. so they were starting to a problem is one year ago, and he was showing signs of insecurity, jealousy. just a few days before that woman died, that she confessed that she was having second thoughts about the relationship and she was worried. will have more on as a chilling conversation between these two will be coming of a 4:30. and continuing coverage. with every breaking detail. ♪ >> a live look outside from the golden gate bridge it sunny skies with the fog is approaching the coastline. temperatures are starting to
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cool. the coast with hot, inland. temperatures with triple digits at 100 degrees in livermore, 99 degrees in napa, 90 degrees in santa rosa, and starting to:half moon bay. san francisco, oakland will follow that and fog back in the picture starting tomorrow. >> a live look of sight it traffic. this is in walnut creek the 6 80/24 split. traffic is moving in the meeting clip in both directions. a lot more news, stay with kron 4 news. [ woman on tv ] if you won't let me in,
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>> the small plane crashed late this morning one woman is dead. into the auricle lagoon and redwood shores. two more people could of been on board that flight. it was taken off from the san carlos airport shortly before noon. we will have a live report from redwood shores
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leader. >> a big rig overturned on state route 17 at santa clara county this morning. southbound traffic was locked up four or four hours! it was carrying beer that had to be transported. >> a small earthquake, 3.3 struck this morning near san pablo. and then 2.2 aftershock also in the same area. that was after 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> to take a live look a traffic. this is in san jose the head headlights are southbound and you can see that south on, north on are moving quite well. also the guadalupe parkway. this is the bay bridge toll plaza on the right side. east is moving along, quickly. same with a lot, westbound into san francisco crossing the bay bridge. traffic is moving well and we will be right back.
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>> preparations are under way for the arrival of hurricane
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girl. you are looking at pictures of hurricane earl-- >> this is from nasa and it is expected to hit the outer banks of north carolina tonight. and areas of new england tomorrow. kill devill hills >> preparations just hours before this is prepared. >> this is for debris, to never know! the storm will pick it up and move to route. >> what ever is going to happen, going to happen to. not much you can do which is boarded up. >> thursday morning, there were told to evacuate before the storm's arrival. >> robert is cutting his family
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vacation short. he is concerned about what is going to happen overnight with the national hurricane expecting to pound the area before going north. >> you hear these noises and you know what they are either houses, trees, falling. we are going to get away from this and keep him safe. >> despite the and evacuation orders longtime residents are not budging. this family has pets that are too concerned about leaving behind. >> i would want to have them some place for the could be safe. i would have to be here to be safe to make sure they were get hit, or drowned. >> for those with decades of hurricanes this is just one more. >> fino is saying that teams are on standby to assist and - fema the president has also served a federalese effort. in north carolina, at kill devill hills.
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>> a you live look at the dangers waves at hurricane earl of moving into north carolina. 150 mi. per hour when the speed. it is still unclear how l close it will make land fall. we will keep you posted. ♪ >> a much different local picture with a live look outside. sunny skies and there's fog sitting offshore. it will make its way to the coastline and the city tonight. currently, it will still be cooling off along the bay shore at 64 degrees at half moon bay. cool in oakland and redwood city the sea breeze winds are picking back up. . and a look and
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are set let helook at our this week and, where corn is a very strong sea breezes returning. cool weather, extensive fog. the fog tracker for at three a m. this is corn to be the extent of it. as you can see the spot will pullback at 4:00 a.m. but then clear by 11:00 a.m. to take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay hot inland. and quarrels with the squadron will continue this cooling will continue to read things. and will cool right back down into next week and stay that way for that t >> ape group of republican
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lawmakers once governor arnold schwarzenegger-a group. to repeal a federal ruling of proposition 8. they say it is up to the government to defend the right of voters passed proposition 8. he does not plan to appeal that ruling. >> and the budget stalemate will drag on as they enter the third month without any financial road map. and david explains the budget debate is quiet. >> as the final seconds of the legislative seconds tick down, they rushed to try to get their bills passed. republicans did everything they could. >> we were in the middle of the vote when the clock struck midnight, so legitimately it could continue? >> and in the and, it continued with the bill died just as the budget had already died. when
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the senate, assembly. >> we are very close. >> governor arnold schwarzenegger wants to and whitand white legislators back o the table. >> it pains me, of the things that are happening now. and it pains me of the things it could happen if we do not in a budget. >> he is facing the fact that he could leave office without a budget passed. >> one would impact the age of canada workers aged and parole violators, and plastic bags filled in the senate by seven votes. >> it goes back to the government, it is bound to the government for a few of years and it is been a wave of cities, counties banning plastic sacks. >> still no word on the governor or the legislative could meet to make a final decision.
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>> carly edirne took aim at the troubled economy for 2010. with first debate with boxer, that are devastating the state. with the unemployment at about 0% carly fiorina-- >> and i know precisely where those jobs-to-about 12%. china, for example, like texas, brazil, will give companies huge tax credits and to help them cut through regulation and bay warrant are in the and provide access to credit and that is what we need to do. >> and we know that she has shipped jobs overseas, fired jobs and she is also opposed every jobs bill that we voted on. >> barbara boxer is seeking a third term and carly fiorina is a former ceo of h-p. with one- third of the registered voters are republicans. >> a live look at traffic this
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>> and increase on the markets. >> and jobless is down by the second consecutive week. the total is at 472,000. shoppers spend more money, with a boost in retail sales. they're up in august by 3%. and productivity is down and lacoste's are up. companies sought a 1.8% drop in productivity the largest drop in nearly four years. meanwhile, labor costs rose. >> the next time you go on vacation you might want to pitch
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your high-tech devices. and kimberly sakamoto. there is no such thing as a day off? >> that is right, and e-mails software says that over 2000 british/american adults and they found that the traditional nine- five workday has disappeared. we cannot stop checking e-mail. two-three americans and british people check their e-mail of some of regular business hours. and both of them regularly check their e-mail while on vacation, home, 60, and even if their home in bed. e-mail is addicting, and it is fueled by peer pressure. respondents feel that it is expected that the keep up with their e-mail. to read all of this what's on the web with kimberlee sakamoto. ♪ >> a programming change to tell you about for friday. nbc will of the giants' game. kron 4 news will have a special edition at
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